Derived Columns in BIML

Today I was working with the Derived Column BIML transformation. The larger task is a CDC based load pattern from a metadata framework database using BIML to generate the packages. Because I need this to be applicable to clients of any size, I’m trying to avoid the cost of the richer set of tools. Here in New Zealand it is not as easy to justify the price tag for an engagement that may only last a week or two.

This does mean there is a certain amount of hand-crafting happening here. But that is okay, because when your hands are covered in bits and bytes as you’re sweating over code you’re building that foundational knowledge and understanding of the layers. As a result you’re able to to pick up any problems long before they occur.

The example BIML snippet for today deals with Derived Columns, which is a fairly common task in any SSIS package. Continue reading →