Timesheets. What are they good for?

Timesheets are always met with a universal groan. But have you considered who they are most valuable to?

I guess this depends on who pays your salary. If you're on a company's books it is easy to discount how much time you lose in meaningless, unproductive time. And how much time you lose in the bits and pieces that hold your working day together.

But what does it look like from my side of the fence?

A timely reminder

This is the post about how you forget to post and then ramble about T-SQL, POSTGRES and C++ while forgetting why your misplaced BEGIN is not matching to the corresponding }. Tell me, do you think developers are stronger when they are language agnostic or focussed into one area of expertise? Where do you feel the most comfortable?

Friday Rumination - Set based patterns

When you frequently have to work with large volumes of data you tend to pick up certain habits. In some cases they are good, but in others they are fairly bad. One examples I want to highlight here. The other will need to wait until another week. Today I want to touch on code encapsulation, scalar functions and what they mean for T-SQL.

Sick? Stay home

For fear of sounding a curmudgeon. If you are sick, please stay at home and get better. From a company perspective it is far better for one person to take two or three days to recover from a bout of winters' flu than for half of the office to succumb to it on some level. And if your company employs contractors, please consider them as well. For a contractor to come down with something because an employee decided they would tough it out at work means lost income. They do not get paid for sick leave, it's a direct cost to them.

Friday rumination - Project Managers

The majority of developers I know dislike them. They are not the Analysts that provide useful knowledge about the system. They’re not the testers who, destructive as they are, help us improve the system by anally incremental degrees. And they’re not the scrum masters that keeps the project cohesive, developers focussed and any blockages unplugged. They’re that rather odd collection of people that chase us for timesheets, scurry around poking at budgets and bowing superciliously in the general direction of the business.